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Farm Business Services

Farm Business Assessment 1-866-452-5558
This farm consultation service provides up to five days of financial/business consulting for a nominal fee of $100 (valued at $2000). This service will provide a consultant that will review with you farm records and provide a financial assessment as well as an action plan.

Farm Planning Software
Free, easy-to-use windows-based software programs that will allow you to create farm plans on business plans, succession plans, disaster plans, etc.

Banking Tools
Farm Credit Canada's website offers free banking tools such as the loan calculator, mortgage calculator, and the farm financial analysis kit.

Market Information & Calculators
The Canfax homepage is your complete source for daily market reports, industry statistics and boxed beef reports. In addition their homepage offers market & support program calculators.

Farm Stress Management (more)
Farm stress management workshops are available, free of charge.

Canadian Farm Business Advisor Service
Successful businesses set goals for the short term and have a vision of where they want to be in the long term. The Canadian Farm Business Advisory Services (CFBAS) will provide a range of advisory services to help producers set goals for their business and develop plans to meet those goals. Producers can use each component of CFBAS to its full extent once in the five-year period of the program, which ends in March 2008.

Canadian Farm Business Advisory Services
COST: No cost
All producers must address different needs to ensure success. To determine those needs, and which of the CFBAS services might benefit individual producers most, an officer will discuss the various options available, either by telephone or in person, in order to ensure maximum benefit. This discussion should be the first step for producers. There will be no cost for this consultation.

COST: Producer Pays $100 (service valued at $2000).
This component will provide eligible producers with up to five days' worth of consultation services. There are two parts to this service:

Farm Financial Assessment: A consultant will review past records, the current situation, discuss objectives, and help producers determine their current options in meeting their profitability goals. This service will give producers up to three days' worth of consulting and will result in each producer receiving a business profile, a statement of assets and liabilities, a farm business ratio analysis, an income and expenses statement for the previous two years, and other information related to the business.

Action Plan: Following the Farm Financial Assessment, producers will have access to two days' worth of consultation services to help them assess their options for increasing profitability. This service will result in a financial plan (including cash-flow plan), projections of options and a written report. The cost of consultant services is valued at $2,000. The producer pays a nominal fee of $100.

COST: No cost.
A consultant will follow up with producers who use CFBAS-FBA to discuss how they are progressing with their plan and to offer further advice, if needed. There will be no cost for this service.

Specialized Business Planning Services
www.agr.gc.ca/renewal or by calling 1 866 452-5558
COST: 50:50 funding to a max $8,000 (individuals) or $25,000 (group of 4+)
Specialized Business Planning Services (SBPS) are available to producers who are seeking targeted business or succession planning. Through SBPS, producers can access funds to help pay for consultants to assist them in preparing detailed business plans for their farm operations. These plans can cover areas such as diversification, marketing, human resources, expansion, risk management or succession.

Planning & Assessment for Value-Added Enterprises
www.agr.gc.ca/renewal or by calling 1 866 452-5558
COST: 50:50 funding to a max of $10,000 (individual) or $25,000 (group of 3+)
The Planning and Assessment for Value-Added Enterprises (PAVE) program is available to producers who are considering establishing or expanding a value-added enterprise. Under this program, eligible producers can access funds to help pay for the services of a business planning professional to develop feasibility assessments and comprehensive business plans for specific, value-added enterprises. This program will make it easier for producers to make an informed decision on whether or not to pursue the opportunity.

Canadian Agricultural Skills Service (pdf)
www.agr.gc.ca/renewal or by calling 1 866 452-5558
CAISS is designed to help farmers and their spouses increase their family income through improved farm practices or through increased off-farm income. Assistance will be provided to access training in areas such as business management, accounting, finance, human resource management; training for other employment; or training to acquire skills for starting a new business. Financial support such as tuition fees for courses, textbooks and travel while attending training away from home will be provided for eligible clients with an approved Individual Learning Plan (ILP) who are pursuing new skills to capture new opportunities.

Internet Tools For Producers
As is the case in any business, understanding a farm operation's financial profile is important to foster its success. Benchmarking is a way to objectively compare the performance of a farm to the performance of farms of similar size and type. It allows producers to identify their operation's strengths and weaknesses, and enables them to make sound business decisions and take advantage of future opportunities.

Agricultural Services Web Site
Networking and information-sharing among producers have proven to be a key benefit to increasing farm management capabilities and addressing a vast array of challenges. This site provides information on agricultural programs and services in each of the provinces, farm management clubs and mentoring programs, through links to other government and government-recognized sites.

Age Verification Help

BC South Peace River Stockmen's Association provides help, free of charge to members, to age verify animals. This can be from entering your data under a third -party agreement to helping you enter birthdates on your own computer once you are registered with the Canadian Cattle Identification Agency.

Please read information on age-verification under Programs on this website.

For a Third Party Form (Click Here).

CCIA - Canadian Cattle Identification Agency - 1-877-909-2333

For further information contact: Judy Madden - doublem@xplornet.com or 250-782-7875

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